Atla. Editions: One Drop per Destination

We’ve thought long and hard about how to make what we do work, and that’s why we’re rolling out a new way of doing things.

As we explore each destination, we’ll make one or two really special items. Working in collaboration with craftsmen in the country in question, each product will be designed with care to reflect the essence of the people and the landscape. We’ll tell the story of each item’s development as we go, releasing a limited batch for pre-order as the destination, and its story, comes to a close.

Subscribers to our mailing list will be the first to get access to place an order, as well as weekly updates on the product as it’s designed, made and tested. Each item will be made to order, meaning no waste and fair prices as they’ll be sold directly to you – no retail middle men taking a (big) cut. We’ll be totally transparent with what goes into making each item – what it’s made of, who it’s made by, and why it costs what it does, once everyone involved gets properly paid. So in placing an order, you’ll not only know that you’re one of only a handful of people on the planet to own that item, but that every element is accounted for.

No matter how much you think high street brands are telling it to you straight, they’ll never be this honest. Trust us.

– Alex & Hugo

Edition Two: Islanders

Crafted knitwear, inspired by and made in the highlands of Scotland – from wool grown by hardy Hebridean sheep, to plant dyes, foraged on the Isle of Skye.

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