Destination Guide: Made in Scotland

With a rich heritage in textile manufacturing, Scotland continues to produce some of the world’s most beautifully crafted garments. Here, co-founder of Vanguards Magazine Hugo Ross picks three of the best.

Celebrating people, place and process, Hugo Ross founded Vanguards Magazine with a mission to tell the stories behind the things we own. Focussing on Scotland for their first two issues, Vanguards have since moved online – a digital platform shining a light on well-made product from around the world, whether that’s clothing, ceramics, food or furniture.

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‘Every thing has a story’

Jamieson's Woollen Jumper


If it’s a wool jumper you’re after, it pays to wear Shetland.

“Shetland wool is amongst the best in the world. The climate has encouraged the local sheep to grow a softer, lighter-weight fibre that makes the wool unique. A tradition stretching back centuries, knitwear manufacturing is a local craft honed over generations. Born from necessity, spinning and knitting local wool is integral to the culture of this remote archipelago, and undoubtedly creates some of the finest knitwear around.

Jamieson’s of Shetland is the largest purveyor of yarn and knitted wool sweaters on the isles. Consider this classic round-neck style a mainstay throughout the winter months.”

Visit Jamieson’s of Shetland for a slice of wool-working history.

Begg and Co Luxury Scarfs


Tradition and innovation co-exist on the south-west coast of Scotland.

“Begg & Co have been at the forefront of weaving innovation in Scotland since 1866.
150 years later, their commitment to quality and craftsmanship is as plain as day. Their factories, located in Ayr on Scotland’s south-west coast, provide space to continually invest in new machinery, whilst consistently developing ranges of cutting-edge woven fabrics using exploratory techniques.

Begg & Co’s Kishorn scarves have a plain weave structure, using worsted cashmere yarn with a wash and tumbled finish and hand pin fringe. Like all Begg & Co styles, it’s an incredibly versatile piece, manufactured for longevity and resistant to the harsh Scottish climate.”

Explore the collection at Begg & Co

Aero Leather College Jacket


Shop Aero Leather, a Scottish Family Business, for timeless styles, faithfully reproduced.

“Aero Leather’s story begins in 1983. After an exploratory trip to Scotland, founder Ken Clader settled in Galashiels, where he began hiring and training locally, slowly reviving the areas manufacturing trade.

Within the factory there is no production line – each jacket is made from start to finish by a single machinist and is only considered complete after passing a 28-point quality inspection. With a company promise that ‘nothing should leave that could not have been made before 1959’, all of Aero Leather’s methods, materials and even their company name are faithful reproductions, inspired by clothing manufacture in its heyday.

Easy-to-wear and indistinguishable from any mid-century original, this College Jacket is a variation on the Varsity or Letterman first worn at Harvard in the 1860s. Equipped with jet pockets, knitted wool cuffs, and a genuine 1950s deadstock zipper, linings are customisable – a standard service at Aero – accessorising with any number of traditional Scottish tartans.”

Learn more at Aero Leather Clothing


All illustrations by Gus Scott

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