Destination Two: Scotland

Inspired by adventure, we’re building our brand a destination at a time – telling our story through the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met and the things we’ve made along the way.

In choosing our second destination, we decided to stay a little closer to home. Atla. was launched from a small studio in Leith, Edinburgh, and having spent the past six months looking to the other side of the globe, we felt it was time to explore our own back yard.

Attracting photographers and adventurers from across the globe, there aren’t many places on earth that can rival Scotland for dramatic landscapes. Drive out of any Scottish city and in under an hour you’re amidst craggy peaks, moody lochs and Britain’s wildest wildlife.

Scotland’s history is ancient, bloody and mystical. It’s home to half the number of people as London, yet continues to produce some of the UK’s best design, music and literature. Despite dark skies and long winters, the Scots are warm, funny, and fiercely proud. And why wouldn’t you be? Whisky, warring clans, kilts and kelpies. Highlands, islands, big skies and blissful isolation – the far north of Britain is one the world’s greatest escapes.

Join us as we get under Scotland’s skin – exploring traditions, uncovering local stories and finding inspiring people to partner with as we continue to build the ultimate Suitcase for modern explorers.

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