Edition Two: Zero-Waste Wool

With each Edition, we’re striving to make something which reflects the essence of the landscape and the culture we’re exploring. So what better material to use when celebrating Scotland than wool, straight from the local sheep?

Hardy, versatile, renewable and biodegradable, we were excited to use a material that’s both embedded in the Scottish landscape and integral to the local way of life for centuries. But what we didn’t know until we dug a little further, is that the majority of Made in Scotland brands use wool imported from other countries – unable to use the local fleece which is either the wrong colour (only white wool can be dyed) or considered not soft enough to wear.

This means the majority of local farmers are unable to sell their fleece – the price being so low per kg that it would actually cost them more to sheer the sheep and pack the wool than they would receive to sell it. Tragically, much of this unwanted wool is burnt, and what was historically one of our most precious natural resources has become a by-product of the meat industry.

So, when we read about a tiny mill on the remote Hebridean island of North Uist who are working with local crofters to process otherwise unwanted yarn, we knew we had to pay them a visit. Based on co-operative values, Uist Wool is a mill like no other. A social enterprise with a mission to find a fresh purpose for local fleece, Uist Wool connect the local community with their heritage of wool-working by buying fleece which might otherwise go to waste. Working with re-purposed Victorian machinery, a tiny, innovative team celebrate local wool by creating unique yarns using blends of natural black, brown and grey fleece.

We’re using Uist Wool’s unique yarns to create a handful of ultra-special knitted pieces for our second destination-lead drop – Edition Two: Islanders. We’re in the throes of developing two jumpers – one men’s and one women’s, and a versatile fisherman’s hat, set for release December, and as subscribers, you’ll have first dibs when the order window opens.

– Alex & Hugo. 

Edition Two: Islanders

Crafted knitwear, inspired by and made in the highlands of Scotland – from wool grown by hardy Hebridean sheep, to plant dyes, foraged on the Isle of Skye.

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