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Developed in Japan and cold-processed in Thailand, World Soap draw on the power of plants to gently wash both the hair and body. They come with a specially designed travel soap dish made from Japanese beech wood – a washbag essential for any trip.

  • Using recipes developed by MOONSOAP in Japan, each World Soap is made using 100% natural ingredients
  • The gentle formula mean they can be used safely, even on children, and the natural ingredients ensure your hair and skin only absorb good things
  • Each World Soap is inspired by a different destination around the world, using local ingredients to create a unique formula and distinctive scent
  • Numbered 1-6, the sequence denotes the concentration of oil – 1 being the least moisturising – ideal for oily hair and skin – and 6 the most – ideal for dry hair and skin
  • Like Atla., MOONSOAP aim to celebrate slow, artisan processes and support small-batch manufacturing. World Soap is made by hand in a small soap workshop in Chang Mai, Thailand using a 1000-year-old cold-processing method, which preserves the active ingredients of the natural herbs and oils
  • Aged for over a month before shipping, the slow method of production ensures all the natural benefits of the raw ingredients are left in tact
  • Travel case dimensions: 10 x 7 x 4.5cm
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World Soap, Akita
World Soap, Phi Phi
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World Soap, Palenque
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